Mara Cozzolino is an artist and printmaker based in the north of Italy. Her interest in printmaking brought her to experiment with a variety of techniques, coming to Mokuhanga in 2011. The fascination with its beautiful tools and manual process, along with the allure of handmade washi paper, continue to feed her passion for this environmentally friendly and beautiful technique.

Her newest series of prints, Memento, is focused on the devastation left by several huge wildfires in the valley near her home. She began by sketching the burned trees, then made ink from the soot of the charred bark of these same trees. The prints are made on the Ogawa washi seen here. Scroll down to watch a video about the process.

More about Mara can be seen on her website and instagram.

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A New Life
mokuhanga on Ogawa kozo

images below:
Tokyo Dreamer
Whisper From The Wood II
Process: inking a block

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