Master Papermakers

Our paper comes from individual makers and mills in Japan. In an age of single-use-only commodities, we offer an alternative: materials that are long-lasting, made using traditional methods with a low impact on the environment, supporting traditional craftspeople in their work continuing centuries-old traditions.


Printmaking Papers

Printmaking Kozo - Washi-no-Sato - 100 x 67 cmPrintmaking Kozo - Washi-no-Sato - 100 x 67 cm
  • Mara Cozzolino

    Italian artist and printmaker Mara Cozzolino expresses her love of nature through the technique of Mokuhanga.

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  • Mia O

    Mia O is a South Korean mokuhanga artist, currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. 

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  • Nicholas Cladis

    Papermaker, artist, scholar, and educator Nicholas Cladis’s work investigates the dimensionality of paper.

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