Japanese Paper Company is committed to meeting the highest levels of sustainability in every part of our company.

Washi is made using fibers that are sustainably harvested, in a way that meets the highest level of environmental standards. The techniques used in its production date back hundreds of years. Many of the papers represented here are made by families in the trade for multiple generations; others are made by craftspeople who have learned from other Masters, and dedicated their life to paper.

The paper is shipped from Japan to Sweden by ship. Though still problematic, this has the smallest carbon footprint of all the options.

When possible, we choose shipping options that are climate compensated.

We build most of our own packaging from 100% recyclable cardboard. We wrap the paper inside in reused paper or bubble wrap. When concerned about keeping the paper dry, the bioplastic bags we use are made from plants and are 100% home-compostable. The protective wrapping paper used around every flat pack is made from grass fibers and is 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable.