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Japanese Paper Company

Kitakata Roll - Awagami - 97cm x 10m

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97cm x 10 m / 38 inches x 10.9 yards
36 gsm
90% Philippine Gampi / 10% Alpha Cellulose (Unsized)
pH 6 - 7
paper roll (2 deckles)

Our most famous paper, Kitakata is now available in ROLLS. Composed mostly of Philippine gampi fiber, the paper exudes a warm tone and is highly resilient (due to the natural 'sizing' properties of its fiber.) Ideal for printmaking, drawing, mixed-media, book-arts and alternative photography. Please try Kitakata rolls for yourself to learn why this paper is so internationally beloved.

Oil-based inks: Lithography, Etching, Silkscreen, Letterpress, Woodcut
Water-based inks: Sumi ink