Kozo, Onion-dyed - Yuzuan Studio - 42 x 31 cm

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42 x 31 cm / 16.5 x 12.2 inches
28 gsm
100% Japanese Kozo with onion dye, in 3 colors

This lovely paper is made by Yuzuan Studio, run by Fumie Matsumoto, near Ogawa. It is dyed using onion skins, and comes in three colors: a warm, orangey-pink, a silvery grey, and a darker rich oak. The paper was dried on wooden boards, and on some sheets, the wood grain is visible. Wonderful for many kinds of printmaking, as well as drawing, painting, and decorative uses. 

Due to the random nature of of the inclusions, each sheet is unique.

Note: Sizes may be slightly larger than stated here. Paper is made with hand-sorted fibers and therefore some variation may occur.