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Japanese Paper Company

Sekishu White - Awagami - 99 x 61 cm

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99 x 61 cm / 39 x 24 inches
35 gsm
80% Kozo / 20% Alpha Cellulose (Unsized)
pH 6 - 7
Sheet, 4 deckles

Sekishu is a soft, thin, unbleached paper, made without sizing (so your inks are more likely to expand than papers made with sizing). The front is only slightly smoother than the back of the sheet and the fibers are more visible than in some of the other sheets. Made at the Awagami Paper Mill on Shikoku.

Oil-based inks: Lithography, Etching, Silkscreen, Woodcut
Water-based inks: Woodcut

Note: Sizes may be slightly larger than stated here. Paper is made with hand-sorted fibers and therefore some variation may occur.