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Udagami Extra Thin HM-40 - Awagami - 145 x 32 cm

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145 x 32 cm / 57 x 12.5 inches
24 gsm
100% Shikoku Kozo with clay
pH 7

Udagami Extra Thin HM-40 is a paper made with clay mixed in with the kozo (Uda = paper with clay) to prevent worms, and to make the paper more durable. It has a slight sheen and visible laid lines, and ships folded in 3 sections. Udagami is handmade at the Awagami Paper Mill on the island of Shikoku.

Originally used for hinging and backing other prints.

Oil-based inks: Lithography, Etching, Silkscreen, Letterpress, Woodcut
Water-based inks: Woodcut

Note: sizes are rounded down to the closest whole number. Paper may be slightly larger than stated here. Paper is handmade and therefore some variation may occur.